Antennas are part of every radio amateur's life.  Here are some of my notes on antennas.

  • SteppIR Beam.  The SteppIR antenna here has been a mainstay for ~14 years.  It is a 3-element yagi-type antenna that is tunable between about 14 and 54 MHz.  Mine runs at about 40 ft above ground level with a Yaesu G-1000DXA rotator.  Frequency tracking is automated through a serial connection to the Flex 6500 transceiver.
  • SteppIR Maintenance. Like any mechanism, the SteppIR needs occasional maintenance.  Click here for information on a current set of problems at AA6E -- and their resolution (mostly).

Transition, May, 2019:  Because we are moving to a new QTH (Evergreen Woods), the antennas at our Branford QTH have been removed.  Hopefully, some new ones will sprout at the new location before long. –

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