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If you are looking for the old AA6E Wiki page, we regret that that is no longer being maintained.  Certain portions of it are transcribed below. 

You can also check a snapshot of the old site at the Internet Archive.  See this link for the old AA6E.net site.

Remote Receiver (RRX)

[Note added 3/2019: This is an archival project from 2013. 
Certain URLs and other references may not be working.]
This is the project page for a W1HQ Remote Receiver (RRX) project at ARRL Headquarters. Our goal was to demonstrate operation of the W1HQ club station when W1AW is transmitting bulletins and code practice.

 W1HQ Remote Receive Schematic


Last revised: 04/21/2017, minor changes: 3/16/2019

This project was the subject of the article: Martin Ewing, AA6E, "A Software-Based Remote Receiver Solution, January/February 2014, pp 3-6. The code distribution for this article is at rrx code.

Tiny Python Panadapter

[Note added 3/13/2019: The following article was written nearly 5 years ago. Some of the links and other pointers may not be working. Some information applies only to older releases of the operating systems.]

TPP on QST April, 2014

This page provides support data for the article A Tiny Python Panadapter, QST, April, 2014, pp 33-38. The '''latest TPP version''' (currently, 0.3.6) is available for download from SourceForge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/tinypythonpanadapter. (The "official" accompanying files for this article can be found at http://www.arrl.org/qst-in-depth, but they may not be completely current.)

Read more: Tiny Python Panadapter

HF Time of Arrival

Work on project to use HF timing info as a possible radiolocation method in Amateur Radio.


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