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Recent addition: Antenna Measurements

station setup, ca 2001
House, as seen from Long Island Sound
SteppIR 3-element tunable beam (6-20M) and 11-element 2M beam

Operating Interests

  • Digital HF Modes, particularly JT65 and BPSK31.
  • DX, safe-and-sane, non-competitive. (DXCC digital)
  • CW, still hoping to break the 25 wpm barrier.
  • Linux and Python software for Amateur Radio
  • Designing QSL cards -- QSL Information
  • Writing about all the above. New developments posted in my blog.

Current Major Equipment

  • FlexRadio Systems FLEX-6500 software defined radio
  • FlexRadio "Maestro" Digital Control Panel
  • Elecraft XV 144 Transverter
  • Heath SB-220 Amplifier with AG6K modifications
  • Elecraft KX3 Low Power HF/6 transceiver
  • Begali Simplex Morse key
  • Kenwood TS-520S Transceiver (1.8 - 30 MHz, vintage ca. 1975)
  • Heathkit SA-2060A Antenna Tuner
  • SteppIR 3-element tunable Yagi at approximately 40 ft
  • Cushcraft 10-element, 2 meter Yagi
  • 80/30 meter half-wave dipole & skeleton resonator
  • 40 meter half-wave dipole
  • Icom Discone Antenna (30 - 1000 MHz)

Other Equipment

  • Bunch of "tiny computers" - Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black, etc.
  • Ten-Tec/Heil Microphone
  • LP-100 Digital Power Meter (kit from N8LP)

License History

FCC First Class Radiotelephone License - 1962
Personal License Chronology
Year Callsign Comment
ca 1955 SWL Heathkit AR-3 receiver
1957 K5MXF (Technician,
Conditional - 1958/9)
in Las Vegas NM. Eventual rig: Hallicrafters SX-111 and HT-20.
1971 WA1OCT (Advanced) Took test at FCC in Boston.
1973 WB6YBQ (Advanced) After moving to Pasadena CA.
1978- AA6E (Amateur Extra) Took the Extra test at FCC in Long Beach CA
1985 - 1986 VK2ERX (unrestricted) A year-long stay in Sydney NSW.

Notable Rigs: