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This is a list of resources which I have found helpful. It is not meant to be complete. If you would like to add to this list, please contact me: martin dot s dot ewing at gmail dot com.


  • - Overview of the Beagleboard project with many useful links. The Beagleboard itself is an "open source" hardware project which has gone through many stages. The "flagship" product is now the Beagleboard XM (Rev. C), which is the one I am using.
I expect there has been a huge voluntary contribution of time and expertise leading to these boards, which is much appreciated. A typical user (if I am typical) will not be doing much hardware work, except some interfacing. The major effort will be to install an appropriately configured operating system, a development capability, and finally some application software.

Software Resources

Operating Systems

  • Ångström Linux - Base Linux version distributed with BeagleBoard XM is currently (10/2011) identified as "xMTEST beta 4-25". The system as provided on a 4 GB microSD chip runs a full (but basic) Gnome desktop. Ångström Linux is aimed at embedded applications making it a good fit for the Beagleboard.
  • Booting Linux on the Beagleboard XM (IBM) A concise set of instructions to boot Ångström, Ubuntu, and Android OS's. Unfortunately, the Ångström instructions do not appear to be quite right for current hardware and OS. (See next item.)
  • Pre-Installed OMAP/OMAP4 Images for Ubuntu. This URL provides download and installation information for "Netbook" (ARM) versions of Ubuntu. I have tried the Natty (11.04) version, which has failed because the keyboard and mouse drivers appear not to be active. (We are still working on this.)
  • Beagleboard Ubuntu (eLinux) This gathers further data on Ubuntu for Beagleboard. Specifically, there are instructions for an Ubuntu "Demo Image" with a kernel from (I have not yet tried this approach.) A number of other advanced methods of obtaining an Ubuntu system are also described.
Question: why are instructions (e.g. for Ubuntu) that are supposedly targeted to the Beagleboard XM not working? They may not be quite appropriate for the current Revision C of the hardware.

Hardware Resources

  • DM3730 TI's "DaVinci Digital Video Processor" is the Beagleboard XM's CPU. It is one of the ARM Cortex-A8 processor family. This chip is also identified as a member of the TI OMAP3 (Open Multimedia Application Platform) family.
  • Tin Can Tools provides prototyping daughter boards for the BB, JTAG/USB debugger, etc.
  • LOX Board from DMK Engineering, provides expansion card for control of one or two (amateur) radios.
  • eSawdust Enclosures for BBXM and similar systems.
  • Liquidware provides BB computers and peripherals.
  • Beagleboard Toys provides BB computers and peripherals. (E.g., the ULCD7 LCD/touchscreen.)
  • Sparkfun provides boards, components, tutorials, etc.


Also of Interest

  • Pandaboard - Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 OMAP4 platform, other advanced features, somewhat higher price point.