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Amateur Radio Publications (before 2015)

  • Noise -- Dealing with the Buzz (with Joel Hallas, W1ZR, QST, August, 2014, pp 36-39) Discusses the kinds of noise Amateurs encounter and the way you can deal with them, in conventional and SDR/DSP receivers.
  • Tiny Python Panadapter (QST, April, 2014, pp 33-38) This project describes Python software that will produce a panadapter display from the I/Q audio IF available from some receivers. See original QST PDF and AA6E's in-depth information.
  • A Software-Based Remote Receiver Solution (QEX, Jan/Feb, 2014, pp 3-6). This is a project to support a remote receiving station using an inexpensive Linux computer along with a base station PC. Click link for further info. See original QEX PDF and AA6E's in-depth information.
  • ABC's of Software Defined Radio -- Why your next radio will be SDR, ARRL, 2012. A book showing how modern communications radios are put together, and how they're almost all basically SDR these days, even if they're not marketed that way. SDR and DSP technology is the economical way to build flexible radios with good performance.
  • SRL QS1R Software Defined Receiver, Product Review, QST, September, 2010, pp 41-44.

--> Published after 2014