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Jump to: navigation, search is a Python program that allows you to work with data from the XML callsign data service provided by It operates from the Unix/Linux command line to provide data in various formats, including 3 x 10 label sheets for mailing lists.

For label making, the following recipe works on my machine (Linux Fedora 8, HP LaserJet 1200 printer):

./ -l w1yu w1af w6ue w1mx | mpage -o -m20l30t10r30b -L60 -W120 -1P -

The 'mpage' utility formats and positions the output for the particular label page used. (In my case, Staples SIWJ100 = Avery 5160/8160.)

An XML access account is required for use of this software. See QRZ XML info.

View the source: (updated version 0.12, 8 March 2008)

Download gzipped tar file (including to support ISO-8859-1 characters): QRZpy012.tgz.

Updated: 8 March 2008; Wikified: 7/4/2010