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Rigserve is a new software tool that acts as an Internet server for controlling amateur radio and communications equipment. The major features:
  • Rigserve interfaces with an unlimited number of physical transceivers, receivers, etc., through a single IP port.
  • The Rigserve command set uses human-readable ASCII character strings, which can be accessed through Telnet or through user-written network software.
  • The rig's "personality" (command set, architecture, etc.) are described in an object oriented style, which is relatively easy to extend to new gear.
  • All code is written in Python, a high-level, easy to debug language. Code is easy to adapt to special situations.
  • Python and the required pyserial package are available for Linux-like systems and Windows. (Only tested on Linux at this time.)
  • Initial support for the Ten-Tec Orion I and II and for the Icom IC-R8500 receiver.
  • Released under terms of the GPL.
  • Initial release, November, 2006

Rigserve is a FOSS Project

We are now hosted at Go to to learn more and to download the latest version. We solicit developers who would like to contribute to the project, for example by implementing backends for new hardware devices.

Martin Ewing, AA6E; ewing @@; Feb. 16, 2007; Wikified 7/6/2010