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A step-by-step procedure to make the rtl-sdr package. Lines beginning with "#" are comments.

#First, be sure you are up to date with any changes in the Raspbian repository.
#This is a good thing to do occasionally to get bug fixes and security updates.
sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude safe-upgrade

#The following should have been done already, but try again to be sure.
sudo aptitude install autoconf libtool make libusb-1.0-0-dev

# go to rtl-sdr directory and uninstall to be sure old stuff is removed
cd rtl-sdr

# Be sure old exe files are removed, if they exist
sudo make uninstall

# Go back up to main directory
cd ..

# Remove old files
rm -rf rtl-sdr

# Download new source files
git clone git://

cd rtl-sdr

# note that file is there! (optional)

# Make system build files required by make
autoreconf -i

# Configure to local environment

# Compile and install source code
sudo make install

# Set up run-time bindings
sudo ldconfig

# Set up rules to recognize the RTL-SDR USB device
sudo make install-udev-rules

# Insert RTL-SDR USB device, if desired, try diagnostic
rtl_test -t