Operating Position

View of AA6E operating position.

After nearly 20 years at Johnson's Point (Branford, CT), Eva and I have made a big move -- to Evergreen Woods, a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) in North Branford.  It's only about 8 miles from Johnson's Point, but it should be a lot more in tune with our "senior" lifestyle.

We are enjoying the new location, but continuing with Amateur Radio is a challenge.  The problems include substantial downsizing (shedding unneeded books, knick-knacks, etc.), apartment-style living (many closer neighbors with RFI possibilities), and limited options for antenna systems.  Fortunately, the EW management are interested in supporting Amateur Radio, and there are other hams and former hams who might join in new ham activities.  We are now exploring roof-top wire antenna possibilities.  

As you see elsewhere in this site (Senior Living for Hams), we've been researching how other hams manage to continue in senior living arrangments, particularly CCRCs.  The picture is surprisingly positive.  I would welcome any new connections or news items!