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(These are ham-related publications and some talks. Some articles are provided in PDF form. Also see Martin S. Ewing.)

  • FlexRadio Systems FLEX-6600M HF and 6-Meter SDR Transceiver and SmartSDR Software Version 3 -- review, QST, February, 2020, pp 47-53 PDF
    A self-contained dual-ADC transceiver, supporting SSDR v3 "MultiFlex" feature.
  • Software Defined Radio - Nutmeg Hamfest, October 13, 2019. PDF
    A detailed talk about what's happening in SDR.  Application to ARRL Frequency Monitoring Test.
  • SteppIR SDA 2000 OptimizIR Controller -- review, QST, October, 2018, pp 53-55  PDF
    A modern controller for SteppIR antennas.
  • TelePost LP-500 Digital Station Monitor -- review, QST, March, 2018, pp 54-58 PDF
    Power, SWR, modulation and distortion display, for up to 4 couplers.
  • Icom IC-R8600 Communications Receiver -- review, QST, November, 2017, pp 47-54 PDF
    Up to 3 GHz coverage, along with internal decoding of some digital modes.
  • Member Profile, QST, March, 2017, p 13. (biographical)  PDF
  • FlexRadio Systems FLEX-6500 SDR Transceiver and Updated ''SmartSDR for Windows'' Software -- review, QST, February, 2017, pp 53-59 PDF 
    The middle member of the original suite of 3 Flex SDRs
  • FlexRadio Systems Maestro Control Console -- review, QST, November, 2016, pp 54-58 PDF
  • LabNation SmartScope Model A14 -- review, QST, June, 2016, pp 56-57
  • HobbyPCB RS-UV3 Radio Shield -- review, QST, April, 2016, pp 49-51
  • Down East Microwave 2MLDPA75 2 Meter Amplifier -- review, QST, December, 2015, pp 47-48
  • Apache Labs ANAN-100D SDR HF/6 Meter Transceiver -- review, QST, October, 2015, pp 45-52 PDF
  • RadWAV SkyPi-40 Transmitter Kit -- review, QST, July, 2015, pp 53-54
    Put your Pi on 40 meters!
  • Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio -- New Books, QST, June, 2015, p 44
    This book, by Purdum and Kidder, is a good one to get hams started with the Arduino.
  • FlexControl USB Tuning Knob -- sidebar to Product Review: FlexRadio Systems FLEX-6300 Transceiver, FLEX-6700 Transceiver, and SmartSDR for Windows Software, QST, April, 2015, p. 53. PDF
  • FlexRadio Systems FLEX-6300 Transceiver, FLEX-6700 Transceiver, and ''SmartSDR for Windows'' Software -- review, QST, April, 2015, pp 47-58 PDF
    Review of the FlexRadio 6000 "Signature" line of HF/6 SDR transceivers.
  • Noise -- Dealing with the Buzz -- with Joel Hallas, W1ZR, QST, August, 2014, pp 36-39
    Discusses the kinds of noise Amateurs encounter and the way you can deal with them, in conventional and SDR/DSP receivers.

  • Tiny Python Panadapter -- QST, April, 2014, pp 33-38 PDF
    This project describes Python software that will produce a panadapter display from the I/Q audio IF available from some receivers. For latest information, see in-depth information. (wiki)

  • A Software-Based Remote Receiver Solution --  QEX, Jan/Feb, 2014, pp 3-6 PDF.
    This is a project to support a remote receiving station using an inexpensive Linux computer along with a base station PC. Click link for further info. For latest information, see  in-depth information. (wiki)

  • From Galenium to GaAs - A Little Radio History, Presented ARRL Forum, 2012 Hamvention, Dayton, OH Slides (PDF)
  • ABC's of Software Defined Radio -- Why your next radio will be SDR -- book published by ARRL, 2012.
    A book showing how modern communications radios are put together, and how they're almost all basically SDR these days, even if they're not marketed that way. SDR and DSP technology is the economical way to build flexible radios with good performance.

  • SRL QS1R Software Defined Receiver -- review, QST, September, 2010, pp 41-44.

  • The Radio Amateur’s Hand Book by Archie Frederick Collins -- web feature, ARRL, March, 2010, http://www.arrl.org/news/em-the-radio-amateur-s-hand-book-em-by-archie-frederick-collins

  • Echo Delay Measurements (in response to The Ultimate DX: An Around the Earth Path) Technical Correspondence, QST, March, 2009, pp 53-54.  See: Echo Delay Measurements.
    Comments on radio backscatter delay seen on HF CW with a QSK transceiver.
  • SourceForge, Hamlib, and Rigserve: Free Beer, Free Speech, and Rig Control ARRL/TAPR Digital Computer Conference
    As published in Proceedings (pdf, 145 KB)
    As presented live (pdf, 6.2 MB)
  • DNS Choices for your Ham Server, Technical Correspondence, QST, Nov, 2006, p. 77.
  • Ten-Tec's Orion Transceiver, Presented at Meriden, CT Amateur Radio Club (MARC), Jan. 27, 2005, Web link (html)