Along with the rest of the world, life at AA6E changed during the Covid19 pandemic.  On March 19, 2020, most normal services at Evergreen Woods were re-engineered to minimize exposure problems and to reduce the risk of infection from the outside world. Because we have assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, this became critical even for those of us in the "independent living" category.

The restrictions tightened over the weeks to the point that no outside visitors were allowed and residents are strongly discouraged from traveling "off campus".  Meals and miscellaneous supplies were delivered to your apartment by our wonderful community staff to the point that you really didn't have to venture out, except for exercise.

It turns out that ham radio (and other home technology projects) aren't affected by pandemics.  There was lots more activity on the radio bands than we might have expected, pre-pandemic. (In the before time.)

As of February, 2023, the authorities say the pandemic is "over".  The pace of life at Evergreen has largely returned to normal, but we keep a wary eye on the Covid19 statistics, and our masks are close at hand.