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An annotated listing of helpful information sources concerning Amateur Radio.

Getting Answers to Questions

Here are some on-line resources are place where you can ask your questions or browse for topics of interest. In general, you will need to get a (free) account with each service in order to post your question or comment.

  • ARRL Web Forum - The ARRL web forum is open (for reading) to anyone. The big plus for this forum is that you have good access to League staff and insiders who are experts in their fields, and who help administer League programs.
  • Ham StackExchange - is a very active set of expert groups on a wide variety of topics. The Ham StackExchange is an active group where your questions will get quick attention. If you create an account, you can build your "reputation" and gain increasing privileges in the system.
  • Amateur Radio Subreddit has a reputation as a wild and woolly place for all kinds of Internet discussions, not always polite. But the Amateur Radio "subreddit" is focused on ham discussion, and it's pretty civilized.
  • QRZ is a ham information service, with active forums, callsign database, news, an on-line log service, and other features.
  • EHam has major sections on product reviews, operating news, as well as discussion forums. It also publishes feature articles on ham radio subjects.
  • Facebook Ham Radio Operators (login required) What can you say about Facebook? You can't live with it and you can't live without it. Between kitten and baby videos, you can take time out to look at this ham radio group, which has over 15,000 members.
  • Google+ Amateur Radio Community Google+ is a Facebook competitor that some of us think is a little friendlier to techies, wjth less display of baby pix. The Amateur Radio "community" has over 13,000 members. There are mKu2e0symdany other tech-related communities, too.

Another service to mention is the ARRL Technical Information Service (TIS). Anyone can browse the web site, but ARRL members may contact the Service through email ( or by phone (1-860-594-0214) with their questions.

Do you have your own favorite on-line ham radio forum? Send me a link! (